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mills888 "self antag and trying to help"


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i think this is the right place to send this if there are any issues please tell me and i will move/remove it and then put it in the right location.


SS14 account username: mills888  (if you want the account id you will need to tell me where to find it)
Ban reason: ""mettacoms to grief. you guys lost your goodwill when you blew up the ame 2x. appeal at forums.ss14.io""
Date of ban: doesn't say and don't remember link to photo of it attached
Length of ban: perma / only by appeal(i think)
Events leading to the ban: the first reason for the enitial blow up is that the game was going very slow and nobody was doing much of anything and i wanted some fun and nobody seemed to be having a bad time and then the second time was me through metacoms telling my friend how ame's work how they are setup and how not to blow it up.
Reason the ban should be removed: its been i think a couple of months sense this im better than i used to be and will not do this ever again and will try not to tell my friends how ame's work when it might have malicious intent by it plus this game is a lot of fun and the community servers aren't as fun as the main one and would love to play with my friends again.

Space Station 14 4_13_2023 8_21_23 PM.png

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  • Project Manager

Admin consensus is to deny this appeal.

Your appeal is not convincing that you would not continue to be a problem because "the game is going slow and nobody was doing much of anything and I wanted some fun". You also claim you somehow "missed" the part in the rules against metacomms as well as willingly destroying majority of the station for no reason. Appeal again in two weeks (May 2nd, 2023).

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