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Banned from wizards den lizard for hateful comments against furries


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SS14 account username: Jeebus 0
Ban reason: Hateful comments against furries
Date of ban: 1.4. 2023
Length of ban: until an appeal is posted and accepted
Events leading to the ban: I was playing as a lawyer and for some reason there were a lot of furries on the server. I went to medbay where I saw a group beating up a furry and commenting on their creepy habits. I joined in. After a while I got banned. I have also recieved a warning some time before this for spreading hate on furries when a number of them showed up on the station.
Reason the ban should be removed: Besides these incidents I have been playing by the rules. I realise I overreacted but my opinion on furries will not change. If I happen to meet a furry on the server I will be more respectful as long as they are to me.


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  • Project Manager

Since March, you appear to have:

  • Violated our rule prohibiting sexual content
  • Called for a hunt on furries as captain
  • Asked for a deathsquad as captain
  • Violated our rule prohibiting IC speciesism and racism

This list does not include the incident which resulted in your ban, and which happened after you were warned for the earlier instance of calling for a hunt on furries. When including this incident, and those I listed, you've somehow managed to violate our "zero tolerance rules" at least 4 times without receiving a ban. Looking at the logs of the most recent incident, which I'll reiterate occurred despite an earlier warning, it appears as if it was a mashup of 3-4 different zero tolerance rule violations.

Your appeal has not convinced the admin team that you are unlikely to cause more issues if unbanned. You can create another appeal no sooner than 2 weeks from now.


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