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guilletux, i've been banned from wizard den lizard for welderbombing


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SS14 account username: guilletux
Ban reason: "welderbombed to "disconect with stile""
Date of ban: doesnt say, and i honestly don't remember
Length of ban: will only be removed via appeal
Events leading to the ban: I had things to do in real life, and, since disconecting normally would be boring and not very realistic i welderbombed in engeneering, thus, ending my life
Reason the ban should be removed: because im sorry, its not the only thing im sorry for, i also killed people, i am sorry for ruinning other's people's experiences,i also miss the server and its events, this is the only server i truly like, and now that its bigger and it can hold more people, i want even more to be part of it,as long as i behave properly ad i promise i will.

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Admin consensus is to accept this appeal.

Please be aware that due to your track record of being extremely problematic in regards to not following escalation rules and killing other players for no/little reason. The next significant incident we have with you could likely end you up back here on the forums. I strongly suggest you re-familiarize yourself with the rules. This ban will be lifted.

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