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[Flushi12] - [griefing an entire round] (Ban appeal)

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SS14 account username: [Flushi12]
Ban reason: [spent an entire round griefing and then left to avoid ahelp.dont bother appealing ]
Date of ban: [unknown]
Length of ban: [permanant]
Events leading to the ban: [so i broke a few windows and after that the escape shuttel because i saw other people doing it and because i half-forgot the ruels i know i was very stupid]
Reason the ban should be removed: i dont think i schuld be unbanned, only for like some more weeks

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  • Project Manager

We don’t think you should be unbanned either because you have been incessantly attempting to ban evade and are appealing on an alternate account you attempted to evade on. 

Do not post additional appeals unless you have a strong voucher of good behavior from the administrative team of another SS13/SS14 server. This voucher should indicate you have been problem free for at least a few months.

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