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[funky username] Discord ban 4no raisin

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Discord account: 饞别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡欚拃别拡#3107
Date of ban: No clue
Events leading to the ban:

I was in Rane Ranch. That's the only thing I could imagine contributing to the ban.

I had no warnings or messages from anyone anywhere about anything I said or did, and I don't recall breaking SS14's discord rules inside the discord or outside. I have absolutely no idea why I'm banned from it.

Reason the ban should be removed: Shouldn't have been applied in the first place. No warning, no reason - just bam and I'm gone. Heck, I only found out about the ban when I tried looking for SS14's discord in my list and found it was gone.

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