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Ban for bug abuse


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SS14 account username: ZABLIK
Ban reason: Bug abuse by mashing cuff restraints to force the do-after to complete even after being interrupted. Can explaing on the forums.
Date of ban: Unknown
Length of ban: Permament
Events leading to the ban: Spawned in the middle of the round as antag, got caught because of the robust non-lethal double barrel. On the way to brig started mashing cuffs with intent to break out. Eventually got out, snatched a shotgun and killed someone.
Reason the ban should be removed: I absolutely, 100%, know that i'm wrong in this situation. I knew about the bug and did mean to use it. I apologise to the players i killed/damaged within this situation. I want to continue playing on official servers because it's the only popular server that uses english language.

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