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Big_Ounce - The Tale Of A Fatal Chat Message

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SS14 account username: Big_Ounce
Ban reason:  ""Nigavirus""1218671020_BanReason.png.0cca82914064dd431174e706ba7ec963.png
Date of ban: 29/03/2023
Length of ban: Permanent 
Events leading to the ban:  In medbay, Sick, Unable to do anything stuck in bed1020648562_MeInDaBedDying.thumb.png.f9eaeb238a0d184e5c30b053d87141a8.png
think, 'clown' 'juggalow', 'jigalow', unable to do anything,
virus make me  jigalow!!, TISM ACTIVATED 

clown chat time, JIGAVIRUS ON BOURD, Chat goes crazy, Look at chat,
 :O one of the misclicks of all time, Miraculously i get up and Fly away.

Reason the ban should be removed: I understand the reason for banning but permanently thats, something. i feel as a long time player this  infraction that could be considered minor should not end my ss14 experience

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format changed when posted, was hard to read
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  • Project Manager

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal. I would caution you even against using the word you were going to use due to the last part of the definition you provided. I trust we will not have the same issue. This ban will be lifted.

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