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Banned for "Datacenter"


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SS14 account username: FidelCashflo
Ban reason: just says "Datacenter"
Date of ban: not sure, just seeing it now
Length of ban: says "it will only be removed by appeal"
Events leading to the ban: honestly not sure, i am using a vpn. maybe thats what the person meant if thats not allowed
Reason the ban should be removed: happy to not use one in the future if that's the problem, sry just didnt know. kind of just speculating tho since it happened while i was offline and the ban reason wasnt very detailed


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To reiterate what deltanedas said, datacenter bans only block ranges of IPs utilized by VPN services that have been abused to attempt to evade bans. Turning off your VPN should allow you to connect. If you are still having issues despite disabling your VPN reach out to myself or on discord and we'll see what we can do.

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