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KevKev- Arrivals spacing


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SS14 account username: KevKev

Ban reason: “Don’t bomb arrivals even if you are syndie. Appeal on forums.”

Date of ban: 3/27/2023

Length of ban: Appeal only

Events leading to the ban: I spawned in and was exploring arrivals and talking to other players. One player was being rude, and as I was a syndie I regretfully choose to attempt to murder them using explosives. The explosives did not impact the shuttle, however, the shuttle docking station was mostly spaced. Afterward, I realized how this was really screwing up new players attempting to spawn back in, and I spent the rest of the round(besides the last 10 minutes) saving players from the damage. 

Reason the ban should be removed: I believe this ban should be repealed for several reasons.

  1. After realizing the damage caused I spent the rest of my playtime (except the last 10 mins) saving players from the damaged area. 

  2. As the arrivals shuttle station is new, originally I thought there was nothing wrong with my actions. After realizing the issue I should have contacted admins instead of only guiding people to safety. Additionally, the rules don’t address arrivals bombing specifically (although I should have inferred that was a bad idea).

  3. I have around 300 hours in-game, and I have never received any sort of ban in the past. In my opinion, this indicates a temporary lapse in judgment. Therefore this will not be a problem in the future, (I almost exclusively play wizard’s den, just in case that’s important). 

  4. I understand, and now recognize why this is against the rules. However, I understand if I must be banned for some length of time. 


Please leave a comment if you have any questions,

And thanks for taking the time to read my appeal!

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  • Project Manager

You seem to have a firm understanding of why this was an issue. This was principally an appeal ban since you could not be contacted at the time of offense. The arrivals station and area is off-limits to both antagonists and normal players as far as disruptive activity goes as this essentially takes players out of the round before they have an opportunity to do anything.

This ban will be lifted.

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