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ban appeal for leaving

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SS14 account username: MR_Fischer
Ban reason: left befory could be contacted
Date of ban: march 27 2023
Length of ban: does not say any were so prema i think?
Events leading to the ban: so i was having fun as a religious zealot (you know running around trying to apeal to gods) i decided to attack some people becouse they did not belive in my gods, so i got put to submition by securyty with was expected, but then my patrens tell me to get some things from a shop (didnt try to argue with them there is no pint) in game i didnt say anything since i was unconcius anyway so noone could hear me anyway, after i tried to play the next day i was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: well i did it just once for a good reason so i think that i should be perma banned i mean i get getting banned for like a few days but not perma, and i really like this server and it would be fun to play on it for some longer

BTW sorry for my englisch im polish

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Admin consensus is to accept this appeal.

I will caution you, cults/zealots/riots and similar behavior are forbidden unless you get administrator permission (which is unlikely). You will get in trouble if you start a cult or start attacking players for little to no reason. This ban will be lifted, please revisit the rules.

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