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[Jaid/Boogagoo(?)] - [f-slur]


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SS14 account username: Jaid
Ban reason: F-Slur
Date of ban: It doesn't say, probably half a year or a year ago. (you guys should probably add that in the ban text tbh)
Length of ban:  Appeal
Events leading to the ban:   Not too sure what happened, assume I got heated and said the bad word. Made a new account since wasn't too sure if I knew my old account password and I didn't really want to bother logging into my old email address (it got hacked) and my old username was super cringy. 
Reason the ban should be removed: Haven't played in few, I can probably handle myself better if I get angry or heated about something in the round. If I wanted to do shit like say words I can't say here etc etc, I can just play somewhere else. I understand some people don't wanna hear shit like that. 


Question: is it possible to set up hotkeys like how it is in ss13 in this game or am I just stupid?


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