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Aseriano- Sabotaged arrival station

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SS14 account username: Aseriano
Ban reason: Sabotaged arrival station by unachoring the generator, smes and gavity
Date of ban: 3/24/23
Length of ban: Appeal
Events leading to the ban: No excuse really. I got stuck on the arrival station and fell into space as I missed the shuttle to the station. I came back into the generator airlock and experimented then I had some life things come up and I had to leave my computer before I could fix the arrival station. So I sent my character into space instead of fixing things and logged out.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was in the wrong. 99% of the time I play my role well and abide by the rules and I don't self-antag. I won't do it again. This was a one time bad call on my part and it won't happen again.

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  • Game Admin

To put things in prospective, the damage you have done here is major. Late joins were lucky that there was an admin present to fix the power as most people do not spawn with crowbars. This left about 3 people stuck in Terminal station with absolutely no way to make it to the shuttle. That is just when I got the A-help, not including those who could have been effected if no admins were online. Truthfully, the only thing that saved you was the fact this is your first ban and you have kept your nose clean.

With that being said, your ban is being reduced from appeal only to 2 weeks from your ban date. You will be able to play again on the 8th of April.

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