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SS14 account username: BRINGit34
Ban reason: Datacenter
Date of ban: I am not sure how to check the date of the ban but I saw the ban on 3/25/23
Length of ban: I did not see anything mentioning the length of the ban so I am guessing perm.
Events leading to the ban: I can't remember. I played on the server a little while ago to check out the new arrivals shuttle and then I had to ssd. I don't even understand what datacenter ban means. I had to look on the discord to find anything about it. I do use a vpn. Is that not allowed? I use a vpn on my computer at all times because my internet has dns issues and a vpn helps.
Reason the ban should be removed: I don't feel like I did anything wrong and if I did I will stop doing whatever I did wrong

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