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Not banned, yet. but need help.

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SS14 account username: [Chrispelletier]
Ban reason: [Not yet banned but player from my Lan party was]
Date of ban: [not sure when]
Length of ban: [Think its Perma]
Events leading to the ban: [One of my friends during a big Lan party happened to be banned on Nyanotrasen/ wizard den]
Reason the ban should be removed: [His name was LatieffLemour. me and all my friends do LAN party's often and I have been enjoying the game. but I use a VPN. Didn't realize he was banned at my house so i just so happened today to log in due to my VPN being off and saw that my ISP is banned. I talked to him, and he thinks it's funny that he's been evading. which I do not. he is no longer allowed at my place since me and my friends play on other heavy RP games. I don't think me and including my friends should have to suffer due to his gross negligence]


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