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Getting banned because I have drivers issues to discord


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1. ChaiNick#3016
2. Monday, 21.03.23
3. I posted in #help a pic of bug that lead to legal wall hack. I don't use cheats, I actually have some troubles with it. Answer for my post: nice cheats bro
4. I don't want to cheat, just help me play SS14 normally. Idk, maybe I should to apologize for not having cheats

Снимок экрана 2023-03-20 в 22.26.12.png

Снимок экрана 2023-03-20 в 22.33.48.png

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48 minutes ago, honkingoose said:

think hes hacking or the compert is dieing idk


Idk but always when I enter the game - this shit happens. I just want to find a answer for my problem. That's all


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52 minutes ago, Chief_Engineer said:

What is a legal wall hack?

As you see on pic 1, I can see through walls. All you need - MacOS. Maybe SS14 don't optimized for Mac, but one thing I can say for sure - old Mac is trash. I just have money issue and, maybe, skill issue if I get ban for a pic.

Damn, sorry for some swear words, but I just wanna play and this bullshit make game uninteresting. 

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Just now, honkingoose said:

and if you cant. ask admins cuz idk rules or what to do

I tried to reinstall, I check all posts at this forum and at Discord (when I was unbanned) but nothing. I just came and show you that Mac version works incorrectly. And for ban appeal, of course

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  • Project Manager
Posted (edited)

Administrator consensus is to deny this appeal.

While we cannot fault you for having what would appear to be a graphical glitch, the manner in which you presented it causes significant doubt with our team that you play fairly. The original wording you used in your post was "Hello, guys. I have some problems like technically legal cheats. I prefer to play fair, but this mf killed me". This seems to imply to us you were going to utilize this bug or exploit to grudge someone who killed you.

You may appeal again in a week (April 01, 2023).


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