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Faded - "Explain this on the forms please."


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SS14 account username: Faded

Ban reason: Explain this on the forms please. (I tried to spell the word Niggle (to worry or irritate unnecessarily.) but I spelt it wrong I used three N's then the crayon ran out and I got bored and walked away.

Date of ban: 2023-3-19

Length of ban: This ban will only be removed via appeal. You can appeal at https://appeal.ss14.io

Events leading to the ban: I have bad grammar and recently I've been trying to learn new words and improve my grammar and recently I learned the word Niggle it means to worry or irritate unnecessarily I've been trying to use it as often as I can so I don't just forget about it anyways I was walking into bridge when I saw that someone had covered up the "space" part of spacestation 14 so I put mime there than a clown replaced it with the word "clown" after that I started to write the word Niggle but that crayon ran out and I realized I used to many N's then I realized it sorta looked like the start of the N word but with to many N's then I walked away and forgot about it. 

Reason the ban should be removed: I think the ban should be removed because I did not mean for it to look like the N word and I would never write the N word especially in spacestation 14. I was very tired and I didn't think about it while I was doing it please unban from my favourite game.

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  • Project Manager

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. You should now once again be able to play on Wizard's Den servers. I would highly recommend you not use the word "niggle" while playing on WizDen servers.


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