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BaronVonB-Welder bomb as clown


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ss14 account :BaronVonB

Ban reason: welder bomb, self antag and took ghost role then leaving

Date of Ban: Between august and September

Length of ban: appeal only

Events leading up to the ban: tried to steal hop's dog then ran away, after that I welder bombed in an attempt to avoid getting caught

Reason Ban should be removed: During that time I was much more stupid and did not follow the rules, since then I have learned a lot about the game and learned to follow guidelines as such.

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  • Project Manager

In addition to the issues you brought up, you appear to have used knowledge from your past life when you took the ghost role. As you've been made aware in the past, this is against the rules. The admin team has decided to accept this appeal,  in the hopes that you've since improved. Please read the long version of our rules at https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules and feel free to ahelp in-game for any clarifications. Our banning policy won't allow you to get a temporary ban in the next few months, so I'd highly encourage you to err on the side of caution for any rule interpretations that you're unsure of.


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