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Jig86 - Datacenter


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SS14 account username: Jig86
Ban reason: Datacenter
Date of ban: 3/16-3/17-ish?
Length of ban: Unknown. Assume permanent?
Events leading to the ban: No idea. I think I played a service worker in the last round I player, and got promoted to Chef due to lack of Chef, tried to log on today and I'm banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I don't know... I'd like to keep playing. The ban reason just says "Datacenter", and might be because I have to use a VPN to stabilize my internet connection. I'm in Mississippi on a cellular hotspot connection, and I found that using a VPN that was also in MS but with a fiber connection eliminated pretty much any stutter/drop connection issues... If VPNs are strictly not allowed, I understand, no biggie. It just saved me a lot of headache not being kicked and having to reconnect all the time. 

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  • Project Manager

VPNs can cause you to hit datacenter bans. We don't have a policy or rule forbidding the use of VPNs but do frequently block datacenter ranges. Disconnecting from your VPN should stop any datacenter bans from affecting you, if you continue to hit datacenter bans while disconnected feel free to open another appeal and indicate that you're not using a VPN for your connection.


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