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meca_moon - Welderbomb security. Reasoning, "just to play insane to detroit vibe"


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SS14 account username: [meca_moon]
Ban reason: [5 minute into the shift. Welderbomb security. Reasoning, "just to play insane to detroit vibe"]
Date of ban: [15 march 2023]
Length of ban: [Appeal ban]
Events leading to the ban: [So I played Detroit before as SEC, I forgot who or if it was server message but I read SEC has to be extra vigilant in Detroit Station (I am guessing its to role play a rundown town), usually in Detroit I play insane or dress funny as passenger. However today I wanted to scare SEC as a potential Welder bomber, if you read the chat log, a Jani told me something around "I don't think that's a good idea" I told them that I wouldn't (I wasn't planning to as I wasn't a syndie), if you read the chatlog I also just warned them like "ahhhh ill do it ahhh" then someone spilled water (I am guessing to slip me) and I was flashed I was holding shift and running in circles for a good while thinking ill be arrested, but in the confusion I pressed my mouse. ]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I honestly didn't mean to but regardless I messed up, had I known the intensity of the welder bomb damage I would have never done it to begin it, I did not know it could break floors and cause spacing, I am not a very experienced player I am kind of new (but not a beginner) this is my first RP game, I am learning through watching Youtube video of Liltenhead and wiki. Regardless of my mistake I ruined that part of the round for some people, hence this ban is justified, but I have had a clean record so far and have been asking admins when unsure, even as a syndie I try to do as less damage as possible so the game can be fun for others. I can promise you I am not a shitter, I play to have fun and not ruin the game for others, I want this game to be fun for everyone and flourish. I apologize for my stupidity and wont do it again, If I am unsure ill ask a admin or not do it at all. I hope you consider my appeal, this is the only game I play to get away after work and I wouldn't want to ruin this game for others who feel the same way. ]

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Hi meca_moon,

Playing as an insane crewmember does not excuse your behavior to self-antag, especially welder-bomb. There is no fun in scaring security as a "potential welder bomber," it's rather extremely frustrating for players as you are instigating the situation.

It's unlikely you clicked your mouse in confusion, as at the beginning of the round you had beelined and ran straight for the welder tank and started attacking a grille to get to it, acquired a welder, then immediately ran north to the security entrance of the brig and anchored the tank between the glass in the middle of both doors. 

It seemed as if you were very well aware of what was going on and the methods to go about it to instigate against security within 5 minutes in the round. At the 8 minute round, the tank had exploded, killing two players and spacing the front of security as players had tried to defuse the situation.

Your ban has been lifted, however, the next instance of this sort will throw you back to the forums with this type of behavior.

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