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Re- Discord Ban clonnne


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Discord account: clonnne#8499
Date of ban: 3/8/2023 
Events leading to the ban: made a brief racist joke against irish ppl (I am liteally irish and stated as such). also ban evading
Reason the ban should be removed: Again, This was not malicious in intent since it was a joke about the Irish said by an Irish person. The whole ban seems a bit goofy in the first place. also the joke was super tame anyway just something about a potato famine. And while maybe i should not have ban evaded I only did so because i viewed the initial ban as frivolous and over enforcement without taking into account the context of the situation. It also was not like i was only in the server to troll I was in the server for a while and was always talking about the game and how to improve it. I still feel a bit angry and like ppl literally got upset on behalf of irish ppl (like myself) for making an offhand joke.

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  • Project Manager

We do not entertain users who immediately consider the correct course of action when banned is to attempt to evade it instead of using the proper channels.

Do not post additional appeals.

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