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It's too easy to impersonate people

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I've experienced this from both sides now.  I'm still very new to this game.  I'm still very new to this type of game in general.  And yet, I've had my PDA stolen twice without me noticing, and I wasn't AFK.  I think I was looking through the wiki both times.  The one time I think they actually stripped me naked.  I'm pretty sure all that happens when you're being pick pocketed is a little white message appears over your character saying it's happening.  After having this happen to me a couple times, it made me think that this was all just part of the game.  So then I decided to do it.  And, I was surprised to see how easy it was.

I think there should be a sound effect that gets played and maybe some sort of visual effect.  Something that immediately draws your attention to what's happening.  In real life it's very difficult to do pickpocket because you'll feel it.    There should be something in the game that's as attention grabbing as someone sticking their had in your pocket in real life.

And getting someone's clothes off...  That needs to be impossible without their consent, unless they're incapacitated or something.

Beyond that I think it's then too easy to use a PDA that doesn't belong to you.  Like you should have to hack it's bio-metric authenticator or something.

So, like I said, I'm still very new.  Maybe I've missed something, or just not understanding.  But this seems like a real problem.  It has me constantly worried someone's gonna try to steal from me.

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Stealing from people and impersonating people are two different things.

There is a very clear bar that appears if someone is trying to remove something from you alongside dialogue that appears. Simply put if your attention is split on a wiki page, yes, someone can approach and pickpocket or remove something from you. 

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This is annoying but the replies are right ahelp it.

Im a smoker, i go out and smoke almost every hour. What i do is find library, make sure its empty which it usually is, turn off the disposal unit and hop in. Great way to save yourself since nobody is going to check library disposal while your afk. Dont go afk in halls or populated areas. 


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