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Rich0rd - Toxicity


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SS14 account username: Rich0rd
Ban reason: To quote what the server says when I attempt to log in; "Salting in IC and OOC over restartvotes/etc, murderboning as traitor, and generally being a dick to other players. Come back when you can be nice."
Date of ban: Don't recall, I've not played this game for months.
Length of ban: Appeal only, otherwise indefinite.
Events leading to the ban: There have been multiple situations that led up to the ban. It's been months since I even last played this game so I can't give a correct or even detailed account of what exactly happened back then as I do not remember.
Reason the ban should be removed: The ban was appropriate and I was wrong to ever doubt that, this is not a point I'd deny. Plenty enough time has passed though and I'd henceforth ask for another chance at roleplaying on Lizard, only this time being a calm and reasonable person without the toxicity and the terrible conduct that I've shown in the past. 

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  • Project Manager

Unanimous admin consensus is to deny this appeal. Even if we had voted to accept it, the Head Administrator has chosen to veto this appeal regardless. We do not think you are a good fit for our servers.

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