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Deathsmuse- ban for f slur?

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SS14 account username: DeathsMuse
Ban reason: F-slur
Date of ban: 03/07/23
Length of ban: Appeal ban
Events leading to the ban: Playing with my friend who was new, he was doing a bit of new trolling. i explained the rules to him in voice chat in our discord but he was smitted. about 5-10 minutes later i was still playing, but logged out. 
Reason the ban should be removed: The ban claims i used a slur, which i dont recall doing, as i enjoy this game and server and do not want to be banned. my friend and i were not playing our roles fully, because i was trying to teach him some of the mechs of the game, i did not participate in his trolling, but i did follow him about, trying to teach him the game. I feel as if i have done nothing wrong, especially the slur, which i know i did not say.

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I honestly don’t recall but most likely someone was attacking me or some other altercation but I didn’t mean it as a derogatory term in the usual sense. More of “you’re being an asshole”


I don’t recall this moment, and I do apologize. And I won’t do it again.

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