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Ban evasion and antag

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username: doomday1236

character name: ive fogotten

date of ban and duration :22nd april 2022 / perma

reason: spacing evac

server of ban: wizards den us east

your side of story: for context this was over 6 months ago, I was newer to the game and was playing wiz den, as the round came to a close I have no idea why and I know better but I thought “why not space evac” I was confronted about it IC and I gave the reason “funny” and was immediately banned.

why i think i should be unbanned: i now know better have have played a few ss13 servers and on my time in ss13 I have only received 1 ban of ive yog. I am sorry for ban evading and I now know better than to do what I did, I am sorry

anthing else: I think I have a voucher

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You do not need a voucher to appeal evasion, just a six month wait. It has indeed been well over six months, so we're willing to give you another shot.


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