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lizards, game ban due to unacceptable name "Nuzzles Ur Wuzzles"


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SS14 account username: lizards
Ban reason: named my character "Nuzzles Ur Wuzzles"
Date of ban: Feb 23, 2023
Length of ban: Unspecified, Appeal Only.
Events leading to the ban: Cake M admin banned me for using this name, I explained it was explicitly NOT ERP related but they insisted it was and I cannot change their mind, its their word against mine.
Reason the ban should be removed: I explained that its not ERP related, it was simply a cutesy name and that I would change it immediately. I was not given a single chance to remedy the situation or given any sort of strike, warning, or constructive criticism. 

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Hi, completely uninvolved admin here. Let me just get a few things out of the way here looking at some information during this ban and since it was applied.

1) You have a consistent track record of playtime and appear to have no prior major issues. I am curious as to why you thought "Nuzzles Ur Wuzzles" would be an appropriate in-character name. If you didn't think it was appropriate, why did you decide to do it anyways?

2) The administration team enforces a strict no-tolerance policy on ERP or related themes and this is clearly laid out in the rules. While I personally think the phrase you chose for a name is up to interpretation I can certainly see where someone can get the wrong idea, which is a large reason why the ban is harsh as it is. Of all cutesy names why would you choose this.

3) During the course of your ban just from this morning you have proceeded to air out your dirty laundry in the discord several times. You started talking about how you were banned but then said you "couldn't talk about the name you used because it would be considered talking about it", so you essentially know you are talking about your ban regardless. I find several statements here interesting:



I don't want to drag this on but you have spent the last 12 hours telling everyone about how much better off you are at other servers. This ban would be incredibly easy to appeal but putting it up against how you are behaving in the discord is making it very difficult to consider.

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All I can do is apologize and hope to come back to play this game with the people and community I love and respect. If that isn't good enough then what more can I do?

Ever since my ban on Nyanotrasen I have done nothing but try my best to be a model citizen and ensure nothing I have done would ever lead to the same fate that I have acquired there, I made a mistake and I admit it, but I do not believe this should be a permanent sentence. 

Also, if I am permanently banned, I will have no other choice but to play on the incredibly low population servers which only have maybe 1 or 2 people on them at once and its a very miserable existence.

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1) I was trying to play a funny detective role, I saw someone with fuzzy cat ears and tail on a round prior so I was going to go to the HoP and see if I could acquire this to make a humorous character that would be doing an old school detective but with a furry twist. I remembered an old meme where the song said something about "UwU Rawr" and thought "This will be a funny character"

2) I would never create or do anything ERP related, as firstly an aesexual being in real life and being against unwanted sexual advances in gaming to any degree secondly.

3) I was so upset that these charges were brought against me that I could not help but to try to find some sort of justification for why someone would try to press the idea that I would try to commit ERP crimes. 

Any other questions feel free to ask, my ban on here because of a simple misunderstanding has now affected my ability to play on nyanotrasen which I was recently unbanned from.

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Thank you for addressing the initial reply. Here is what I think

1) We have standards for names which you are undoubtedly aware of. "Nuzzles ur Wuzzles, the Detective" wasn't ever going to be a name we would have allowed. I think you somewhat avoided the question here or just gave the answer "it was funny".

2) The fact of the matter is other players immediately picked up on it and thought it was weird or implying something. We ultimately cannot readily say if you intended to make it weird or not, but other players were either not impressed with the name or thought it was unusual enough to warrant ahelping.

3) I think you are somewhat missing the point here. You went on a several hour spree of trying to find pity or trying to convince people you were having a grand old time without Wizard's Den to the point you equated getting banned from funne spaceman game to being a hate crime specifically against furries. You changed your name and profile picture at least three times that I am aware of. Simply put we are hesitant to unban you if this is your reaction to something negative.

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Either way, whatever happens I will continue to play this game on smaller server as my only recourse at this point. I will continue to help new players and have great attitude about this game, the community, and the future of its development. 

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Can I have another chance to prove myself please? I wont use any silly names that might be considered ERP or complain about bans. Also I'm sorry for everything I said and did. I would like to move on from this and return to my life.

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Are you aware that some members of the administration team and several members of the project maintainer team are furries, including several people who be will voting on your appeal? People who don’t particularly like that you referred to them banning you as a “hate crime”.

I know personally we have had discussions about proper naming policies before. That gives me pause when I consider this appeal.


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Hi lizards,

There have been many issues, but none of them were what you were originally banned for.

You refused to follow naming policy, yes- but the matter was that you had been very consistent in following through with an inappropriate name, aware of our zero sexual content policy rule.

The administrator that had placed this ban, placed it exactly as followed.

"Nuzzles Ur Wuzzles" the detective is not an appropriate name.

This was the ban reason given exact, and a ban was placed due to refusing to follow with a simple name change.


It did not stop there, as after the ban was placed you had immediately moved onto our discord in which several uncomfortable remarks were made in #general, where you started stating the following, of which there are specific highlighted remarks. Link to messages provided (if they are deleted, we have the bot logs to provide as well)




There were several very concerning remarks, and on top of this- several users had pointed out they felt extremely uncomfortable with such behavior in our discord, with several complaints forwarded to me with your behavior. One of which we will point out is that you had changed your name and profile around 3 separate occasions, and proceeded to repeat behavior from prior to discuss the ban in an effort to gather pity from individuals in general chat or derail the conversation with your ban, however called out on it for each occasion.

After reviewing your appeal, we've come to a verdict, of which we will not be lifting this ban at this time.

You've made several players and community members alike uncomfortable with your behavior and remarks. You may appeal this in 6 months from now, on September 2nd, 2023. [2023-09-02]

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