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Tl0W - N/A Ban


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SS14 Account Username: Tl0W

Ban Reason: Unsure. Ban reason part is filled in with "[email protected]"

Date of Ban: 2/22/23, although this did happen before just a couple days ago, but it went away after some time.

Length of Ban: Appeal only ban.

Events Leading to Ban: Once again, uncertain. After my power had shut down while I was in a match, I came back and it was like this. I dunno if this has been covered already and I'm being a big idiot or not, but I'd like this to be cleared up.

Reason the Ban Should be Removed: I feel that this is unjustified. Unless I broke some rule I hadn't heard of, I think this should be removed.

Note: I did let a free-for-all happen in my bar yesterday, but I feel that would be mentioned in the Ban Reason part. If this has already been brought up somewhere, I am sorry. It could be a problem with my router/internet.

SS14 BAN.png

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  • Project Manager

Datacenter bans are used to block ranges of IPs belonging to VPNs which have been abused to attempt to evade bans. There is currently no ban that blocks your individual account from connecting to Wizards Den servers. Turning your VPN off should allow you to connect just fine.

This appeal will be closed, but if you have additional difficulty attempting to connect that turning your VPN off does not solve, please reach out to myself or one of the admins and we'll see what we can do.

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