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Ban Appeal for racial slur


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SS14 account username: Thinkerbell22
Ban reason: saying the N word
Date of ban: around november or december
Length of ban: appeal only
Events leading to the ban:  I was secoff doing rounds on the station, i said an N word when i asked to be leaving the engineer area, this did not turn out well and the whole crew went on a manhunt on me, i said it was a joke and told i was blackfacing, which is true. after this events i  was then told to leave the server when i died and resuscitated back as it is considered strongly bannable offense. 
Reason the ban should be removed:  I made a grave  mistake, a joke that was immature and naive and have offended people, all i can do is to avoid the mistake again and learn to think before typing (or speaking?) when communicating with others in the server. 

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  • Project Manager

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal at this time. Please be aware that you will be on thin ice for a while. Also know that an additional appeal ban will keep you banned for a minimum of six months and must be appealed with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. I strongly suggest you re-familiarize yourself with the rules.

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