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Virology and virus creation


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Hi, is there any way to create a virus yourself under controlled conditions? I've heard that if you put a lot of corpses together, they will start releasing miasmas, and then there is a chance that they will infect the living. But I tried it with corpses of mice, monkeys and passengers - the living only took damage from the poison. Should the miasmas be from the Space Carp/Bear, or can't it be done in theory?

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21 hours ago, KarlGustav said:

Molded food, like mold bread and mold pizza has a higher chance (100% ifrc) of getting a disease once consumed

Gotta ask botan to grow shroom to make mold food though, still somewhat easy and safe compared to corpses stockpiling

Oh thanks, that might work. I will test it.

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On 3/2/2023 at 5:12 PM, Imasleeping said:

i think vent crud (the stuff you scoop from deep fryers) also causes a disease im not sure tho


Im late for this one but yes!, vent curds (or black vent foam) is the one of the only regent that is able to inflict a targeted disease - Vent Cough (sleep and drinking space cleaner cures it)

The other regent that I can recall being able to cause a specific disease is probably corpium (romerol if spess 14-1), since well, zombie

Other than both of these 2 regents that I can recall, it is the very few regents that can 100% inflict a targeted, or fixed disease compared to miasma, molded food and other methods.

Havent test whether or not it is possible to use diseased crew/animal's blood to transfer a disease, but standing next to someone without mask can achieve the same result (just like irl)

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