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appeal ban for speciesm as a pai (game ban)

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SS14 account username: MudraptorGaming14
Ban reason: Speciesm as a pai
Date of ban: 2/19/2023 around 12:30
Length of ban: Until appeal

Events leading to the ban: A mod started a private chat to me about a chemical explosion that i had been coerced into creating. within this private chat i had said that i was currently a racist pai, they questioned this further and i said i wasn't very fond of snake people. they then banned me for said speciesm.

Reason the ban should be removed: I am an idiot and i understand not accepting this. however  i have read the rules for wizard den and will no longer be racist towards snake people. i understand that they have done no harm. also i caused no harm however i should have read the rules and understood that speciesm was zero tolerance

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