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Chudjak - calling someone a child molester


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SS14 account username: Chudjak
Ban reason: "Making mention to sexual acts beformed on children in IC chat, which falls under ERP"
Date of ban: Last week sometime, I don't recall the exact date.
Length of ban: Forever - Ban appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I was attempting to enter security and I thought I could use a ploy/con to trick security into letting me someone within the cells, of course this was a stupid idea but I thought it would have been good roleplay to trick security into letting me into their base and freeing the person arrested.  
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe I should be unbanned because I was told by another mod to be let off with a warning and that I wouldn't do this again knowing the consequences and the rules surrounding ERP. I feel that had I originally been left off with a warning, it would have a been a better outcome than immediately banning me.  

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