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Frankisdonewithit - requesting an appeal after 6 months


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Acc name: Frankisdonewithit

reason for ban: metacomming

date of ban: 01/08/22 (British date)

ban duration: permanent

detail: was playing as chef with my friend, we were using discord to communicate via voice due to my friend having dyslexia and being borderline illiterate, an admin warned him for something (I barely even remember) and I asked the admin what the problem was since I didn't think my friend could type out a logical response and make sense to the admin, worrying that he may get banned, I asked the admin what the problem was, he accused me of metacomming, I told him I was using discord with my friend, before I could explain I was banned.

Reason I feel I should be unbanned: I dearly love this game and this server, as it's the largest English speaking server I naturally played on it more than any other, I feel I have served my punishment of 6 months and wouldn't do the same again, my friend doesn't even play anymore, I feel I can be trusted to perform regularly on the server and not break rules, sincere Regards, Frankki. 


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As per your last appeal, you require a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server in order to appeal this ban due to an attempted evasion of your ban under a different username.

A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from the administrative team of a well-known or at least fairly active SS13/SS14 server and should be reflective of at least a few months of playtime.

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