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Colour chages ro sec becaus of having a similar colour to syndcate


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Once as a new player i though all redblack suits means sec i uhh kinda associated the colour red with security as a new player took me a while that black red green means bad guys and black red yellow means good, maybe chage the colour sheme of sec to Dark blue red yellow instead? To make it more obbvious also it makes it obvious that they are the police.

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I've been confused by that myself. Helping fight the nukies, then attacking a sec, and getting clobbered to death before realizing my mistake. Other players were like what the fuck?

Most nukies wear a full red hardsuit (which is the one syndies can also buy), but one of them wears a black hardsuit with red details. And the sec hardsuit is also black with red details. You have to pay attention to the details, I guess. Mainly, security has yellow helmet lights, while the black nukie suit has red lights.

You might be interested in playing on Parkstation, tho. Security there is blue.

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