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Server ban for ERP/Sexual Comments


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SS14 account username: NoDadNotTheBelt (Should be the same as my user here)
Ban reason: ERP/Sexual comments
Date of ban: February 10th, 2023
Length of ban: I'm assuming indefinite as there's no end date.

Events leading to the ban: Playing clown, arrested for trespassing into sec on the new map being tested. HoS was there, as was Warden, a Lawyer, and a Sec Off who was coming and going. Theres two events that i think could have lead to the ban. The first being when HoS said he was going to brig me for 7 minutes and to muzzle me i replied with "Good thing I'm into kink then" and the second being after HoS said i was smelly that i replied that he was smelly and "I could smell his ballsweat condensing in his hardsuit from here" (Paraphrasing, i dont have chat logs but im sure who ever looks at this can verify what was said. It was along those lines).

Reason the ban should be removed: I was a little perplexed at first as ERP has always been in my mind a "relationshipual" thing, however after rereading the rules of the wiz den servers i can see that what i said breaks the boundary. Its very easy to forget we have minors on the server, and I should be better about the appropriateness of the insults i throw around, even if they're given in a joking context (As the entire exchange was mostly a joke, HoS and Warden both were laughing and playing along). Some of the exchanges I see on OOC chat and even in game seem to be far more severe than what I've said and im not trying to use that as a way to excuse what I said, but it makes it easier to forget what is okay and what isnt. Wiz Den is the only SS14 server i play on and ive racked up over 150 hours in the past month playing with this community and i think a quick look at my chat history will show that this isn't something I ever do, really. Id like to not lose the opportunity to play spessmans with the people i know and like.

TLDR;; I reread the rules and have re-familiarized myself with what is appropriate and what isn't appropriate talk and behavior on the Wizard Den servers, and with a ban on my record now ill be much more cautious moving forward when it comes to server rules.

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