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[Paul] - Rane#7518 Discord Mute Appeal


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Discord account: Rane#7518
Banning admin: Paul
Ban reason: Trolling a new user asking for help
When was the ban: Last night (2021/12/12
Your side of the story: A user came in asking a very strange question about being hacked without details. In poor judgement, I replied to him with a soyjak. Even though that there's a 99.99% chance that has nothing to do with the game, that was not a helpful thing to do.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think the actions of the team over the past year make it clear you guys are trying to fix the project's internal culture and external image. What I did was not helpful for the latter, and I think the change to contributor name colors afterwards shows that I may have come off as being more representative of the project than I am when I did that. I realize I can be a somewhat abrasive person and that can make my (very minor) affiliation with the project reflect on it negatively, so in the future I will just not engage with new users,  and let others help them unless I have something actually insightful to contribute. I will keep any 'based' posts to appropriate times and channels.

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