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Ban appeal - KondeReal - Metacommunication with friends while walking


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SS14 account username: KondeReal
Ban reason: Admitted metacommunications with two other users
Date of ban: 2.8.2023
Length of ban: No clue it doesn't tell

Events leading to the ban: I did my job for like 40mins the I got killed by space fish then I got cloned after that I was walking around the map with my friends the we got banned
Reason the ban should be removed: It feel unjustified cuz we weren't really doing anything bad just doing our jobs and walking around

This is for ss14s://lizards.spacesation14.io/server

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14 hours ago, Chief_Engineer said:

In your ahelp you said "i was dead like 5min", what did you mean by this?

Why were you helping break into the HOP office?

So i got killed by hologram fish and i was dead so i meant like when did i try to break in to hop office if i was dead and doing my job. I have no reason to break in to hop office and who was i helping?

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