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Banned for ERP


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SS14 account username: AbeenShabo
Ban reason: my messages in chat saying "I did a poopy", and "Sec I need my bottom wiped."
Date of ban: 02/08/2023
Length of ban: 10080 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I was arrested for breaking a fuel container with a crowbar and then was imprisoned. I then said "HEY SEC CAN YOU LET ME OUT I DID A POOPY." and SEC i need my bottom wiped." As a way to get back at them I rollplayed shitting myself which to me isnt sexual just a bodily process. I apologise and would not use this language again if unbanned I just didnt know it was considered sexual rp. The admin also informed me that I was warned for erp which I remember but they also said I was warned for racism which I don't at all recall I asked what I said that was racist and the admin ignored my relevant question.
Reason the ban should be removed: To be honest I believe I should have been warned against using number two as sexual roleplay as I truly didn't know. 


Screenshot 2023-02-08 170900.png

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I thought when you said "you've already been warned for racism and for in-game sexual content" it meant I was repeating the offense I was warned for.

Im sorry but if it's not sexual did I break any rules? I can promise I won't repeat this dirty talk in the future I have learned my lesson.

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