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Ban appeal


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SS14 account username: Desync
Ban reason: Lit random event trit fire, dc'd when admin DM'd.
Date of ban: Can't remember & doesn't say? (several months ago)
Length of ban: Indefinite

Events leading to the ban: If I remember correctly there was a prompt regarding the air quality and warning message(s) from the console regarding a gas leak. A a while later I decided to take out my welding tool and ignite it (this was a terrible idea). I then promply caught fire and moments later I found myself lying on the ground covered in 3rd degree burns. After gasping for air for about a minute i took my last breah and died. I felt very stupid, and when I got an admin DMing inquiring about the situation i panicked and closed the game >.<

Reason the ban should be removed: This was the first time I ever encountered a gas leak event and it was a mixture of curiosity and stupidity that lead to (to my knowledge) only me catching fire and dying from igniting a gas leak with a welding tool.

I had no intention of adversely affecting the gameplay experience of other people and I know ignorance isn't an excuse, sorry.

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