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name: Amr__r, reason for ban (summarized): ERP. this is my reappeal.


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SS14 account username: Amr__r


ban reason: appeal banned :zero tolerance for ERP behavior. you may appeal this ban on the forums

Date of ban: January 11th

Length of ban: this ban is appeal only

reason for ban: when a reporter was bringing his camera into bar there was already another reporter stripped and SSD, so I said 'we need to film him' then another dude replies 'film him?' then I say 'yeah space po#n we need to film him'

Reason the ban should be removed: It's already been 16 days since the ban and I feel like I really learned my lesson. This wont be don't again in the future or breaking any other rules, I promise this wont be done again in the future.

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1 hour ago, Chief_Engineer said:

You appear to have stripped the reporter about 2 minutes before telling the other reporter that his friend was naked.

yes but that was just for checking the other reporter's loot not for anything else plus it was a sentence that came to my mind not something planned to ruin the game i am really sorry for my actions and it has been 20 days im desperate to play again

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