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discord ban appeal for eewa... again


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Discord account: eewa#3123
Banning admin: I'm not sure
Ban reason: I wasn't told. Though now I am being told I was just being a nuisance.
When was the ban: A few days to a week ago.
Your side of the story: I have questions and concerns about this game, and I would voice them. Coders and admins would respond to me (although while some being toxic) so I assumed it was okay.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I wasn't warned, and the only time I had been kicked the admins told me the kick was wrongful. And since the admins were responding to me I had every right to assume this was okay. On my previous appeal the admin replied with a bunch of screenshot of me being rude also, but these were way after others were being rude to me, though I will admit I shouldn't have been rude at all and am sorry for that.

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