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Banned on Wizards Den


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ban reason: "Disconnected before admin could intervene. harmbattoned chef and stole detectives gun"

ban date: Probably on 1/22/23 I don't remember that well

ban time: Indefinite

unban story: There were mice in the kitchen so I asked a sec guard for permission to kill the mice so when I got permission I went to the kitchen to exterminate the mice with the revolver in the kitchen when the chef didn't let me he started to stab me with a knife I grabbed my baton to start hitting him to try and knock him down, when he knocked me and killed me, I left the game to get some food. I thought that it wouldn't be a big deal and get me banned when I relogged I was met with a banned screen.

why I feel I should be unbanned: I feel the ban should be removed or give me a temporary ban at the least because, it was over mice and I did not know that leaving after I died would cause a perm ban.

p.s. sorry if I posted wrongly I am new to posting forums.

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I'm fairly certain I was the HoS (Major Ray) the round you did this, an admin can correct me if I'm wrong.

I asked you why you had the detective's gun since you were printing a ton of bullets. The detective had been SSD for a while. You lied to me and said the detective said you could have it, which was later disproven when an angry detective came back to the round later.

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  • Game Admin

So from the chef's point of view, you:

  • Hopped the kitchen counter to trespass after being told you could not enter. (Alert level does not apply here, as you did not enter the kitchen to perform a random search)
  • Started shooting in the kitchen (with what is probably a stolen revolver)
  • Tried to baton the chef when he was defending his workspace

And all this was

  • After you took the revolver that did not belong to you
  • After you were told you should not begin a crusade against the mice by the head of security

Am I understanding this situation correctly?


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