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SenioroBaristo - Simply mistaking a roleplay game for a job simulation


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SS14 account username: [SenioroBaristo]
Ban reason: [Rampant self-antagging (destroying things and attacking random people)]
Date of ban: [1/20/2023]
Length of ban: [Ban is Appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [Towards the end of the round, I entered the server towards the end of the round, there were 4 passangers with me, we talked among us and we decided to do something together, which was to kill animals if I remember correctly, until we found a holo injector while walking in the maintaince, we took the holo injector to the security and asked for 3 glasses from the security, but when the security did something sudden, we were thrown into jail, if I'm not mistaken, then I got out of jail and the round ended with the evac shuttle (there may be places I remember wrong, my memory is not good, but I was not the leader of the group or the thing, I guess I got carried away)

self antag situations, if I'm not mistaken, are the parts where you try to resist going to jail and try to make sure that others don't go to jail.

Reason the ban should be removed: [

First of all, space station is the first and only roleplay game I've ever played and I tried to play SS13 but it was just colonial marines or other battle based servers.

I have to say that I was playing the roleplay game like a job simulation and I couldn't fully understand that other people would encounter such strange things or interesting things would happen, but I didn't fully understand that the admins actually gave these people this (antag permission or grouping up and doing something (I didn't understand that in that time), and then I talked to a friend of mine who was dealing with roleplay and explained my situation and thanks to him, I understood why the situation had become like this and why I was doing such ridiculous things. Because I was playing the roleplay game like a job simulator instead of a roleplay game, I was playing in a way that would kill the purpose of the game by pulling the relationship with people to 0, I was being stupid, I was communicating with other players in a way that was usually very little, when I realized these things, I realized that I was really stupid, I was playing a game with rules, which is a roleplay, without roleplaying with people.

Now I have learned exactly how the rules work, why this is the case, that such antags / groupings are admin-authorized and that they cannot be done without the permission of the admins. I learned that the people in the videos I watch on the internet are antags even if they do not appear in the video and the like.

Again, I apologize for my stupidity, I now know better how Powergaming / Metagaming works and how the rules work and I can promise that I will not break them again.

Finally, I really like space station 14, it is really much better than 13, so it is the only thing I would want to play on the server that I like in the game


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