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Buldinn - WGW

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SS14 account username: InternalBleating.TTV
Ban reason: "Spamming "Woody's Got Wood" via fax machine, violation of the no ERP Policy.
Date of ban: Jan. 24th 2023
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: I saw a Woody's Wood Poster and it reminded me of WGW, I thought people might find it funny and didn't consider it ERP, just a shitpost.... Though I am NOT making excuses, only explaining my thought process. I then sent it through fax machine to 3 departments.
Reason the ban should be removed: I own up to the fact I broke the rules, I will re-read the rules and commit them to memory. I will not do this again and I will consider my actions more carefully in the future, if you will have me back. I do apologize and feel bad that I might have hurt someone, this community means a lot to me and I would not purposefully hurt anyone to that degree.  


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