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silvaplex256 - "The ban reason is: Datacenter. Appeal at forums.ss14.io"


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SS14 account username: silvaplex256

Ban reason: "Datacenter. Appeal @ forums.ss14.io"

Date of ban: happened while I was offline, encountered this message today 23.01.2023

Length of ban: Appeal only.

Events leading to the ban: I have been offline since yesterday

Reason the ban should be removed: I'm not really sure how to answer this, I'd like to know more about why I was banned.

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Nevermind the problem seemed to go away on its own, changing my vpn ip to a different city did the trick!

If anyone else experiences this issue I recommend giving this a shot, I'm able to connect to all Wizard servers fine now (when I was unable to connect to any an hour ago) :D


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