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bodaksent - blowing up an AME via injection...twice


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SS14 account username: bodaksent.

Ban reason: Blowing up an AME via setting injection too high twice.

Date of ban: 23.01.2023.

Length of ban: Appeal only.

Events leading to the ban: Not basically done by me. This thing was considered as justify by my mate, because he wasn't able to play as HoS for a couple of times. But that's my account, and so on my responsibility. I know.

Reason the ban should be removed: I haven't controlled it, and haven't done it by myself. But I'm still feeling very uneasily for all crew members for those actions. I won't make this mistake for a second time.

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So yeah they’re saying either their sibling or friend that they share the account with did it (exploding the AME).


and it says he did it because he didn’t roll HOS in a few rounds so the AME detonation was justification for that

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Reread the original post to clarify more
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Account sharing is not a valid reason for this, you are responsible for all activity on your account regardless of who you say did it. By extension, if we cannot trust that you are the actual user of the account then it is significantly harder for us to justify unbanning "you" when it could just be multiple players in a trenchcoat.


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