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Nog - Bit a guy as a bat like 6 or so times


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SS14 Account: Nog
Ban Reason: "RDM as remillia. please read the rules."
Length of ban: 2880 Minutes.
Events leading to the ban: I was playing as a pAI and was purposefully being annoying to people and then somebody put me on a pedestal in the chapel and god smited me down or something I dunno but I died then I saw there was this cool role called fruit bar or something so I requested that, spawned as a bat in the same chapel, and hung around for a few seconds then saw a clown and decided to bite him a bit because what else would a bat do in this situation really (I have never played as a bat before in my life and I'm still relatively new to this game) Then an admin teleported me into purgatory or something and asked me why I was attacking people so I told em what else would a bat do or something like that and then bam 3 day ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: Not only is this my first offense on the server I would have stopped if asked nicely instead of being teleported to a room and then banned for 3 days. I do promise not to randomly assault people anymore though my mistake.

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