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I don't think I should've been banned forever


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SS14 account username: Analreaper420
Ban reason: "Appeal banned; Self-Antag, inappropriate chat conduct across several rounds"
Date of ban: 1/12/23
Length of ban: Forever
Events leading to the ban: I immediately jumped into the game thinking this was some roleplay spaceship game and got attacked randomly by several people. I killed a dude who attacked me with a mop because I accidentally turned off stun on the baton. I shot a prisoner as he was trying to escape (he had a knife on his body) and also beat a chemist who had gunfruit or whatever it's called. I wasn't just attacking people randomly but several people were assaulting me and claimed I started it when I did not. I accidentally hit a chef because I didn't realize I hit 1 on my keyboard. A guy threw a pie in my face and I punched him once. I accidentally set off a flash grenade and blinded myself only. I was trying to play the game before I learned the controls so that's my bad and I have since watched a full video explaining everything to me. There was no malicious reason for me attacking people as most of the events were in self defense or role-play reasons. I apologize to whoever I offended and wish for this ban to be rescinded from indefinite as I made a mistake due to me playing this game for the first time.  
Reason the ban should be removed: I was trying to roleplay and people kept attacking me. Only when I fought back was it an issue. I was confused about what to do but the more I played the more I figured it out. I should've learned more about the controls or read a manual or something but I did read the rules extensively before playing and I don't believe I broke any of them intentionally. Accidentally hitting a chef because I'm new and didn't realize I was on combat mode? That's excusable. Killing someone who was attacking me because I didn't realize my baton wasn't on stun? That's excusable. Killing someone who was shooting me first? That's excusable. A prisoner forcing me at gunpoint to commit malicious acts? Roleplay. I understand why I was banned and I can promise it won't happen again, but the maliciousness behind it wasn't there. That's why I'm on the forums trying to explain that I shouldn't just be banned forever. I liked the game and had a lot of fun playing it. It was nice to try to learn and figure stuff out but it sucks I was banned because a couple of people are crying wolf. If I had a recording of me playing the entire game you would understand the circumstances I was put under and I'm not trying to say this community is filled with assholes or anything but I certainly was fucked with and whenever I retaliated they'd pitch a fit. I got randomly shot several times, I got punched randomly several times, so on. I apologize but any mistakes I made were out of not knowing the controls mainly and secondly being confused about the combat system. I would try to stun people and accidentally beat them to death. I was just messing around on my first game and I was beat to death in the first minute. Second game was where I again was attacked and fought back. Third round was where I accidentally killed like 2 people for again, not being aware of the unconscious/stun system in the game. I figured a majority of this stuff out now and realize I was inadvertently killing people so again I apologize. I'd prefer if I was banned for a shorter time than forever because I was simply new and made mistakes while trying to figure out the game. I wasn't trying to troll or break rules, I was just confused how stuff worked. I had a couple people explain stuff to me so that was helpful but I don't understand what the "inappropriate chat conduct" was. I didn't really harass anyone and I can only think of the first things I said when trying to figure out how the /looc/ooc stuff worked. Again, I'm sorry. I can't remember everything I said but I know I wasn't saying rude stuff to anyone or anything malicious. I also saw like two people fighting and accidentally broke a thing of glass trying to get to them. I did a lot of stupid stuff because I hadn't realized how stuff worked. I know better now. Sorry.

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Hi, I was playing Jaquin Goodfisher in the round before you were banned. You killed me with zero escalation.

You stopped me and asked what I was doing, where I was going, and what my job was. While we were talking, you hit me with your stun baton, and while I was down you continued to hit me until the battery died. After the battery died, you continued hitting me. All while I was asking "What is going on? Why are you doing this?" You then pulled out a Predator and shot me to death. In this entire encounter I had not taken a step, had not engaged harm mode, had not even put anything into my hands. When the detective walked up, you told the detective I shot at you and my "aim was shit."

When you later died, you said, "wow look at all the mad little ghosts." When someone told you that your behavior was bannable, you said "someone doesn't care." I don't think you have any intention of participating in the community in an appropriate fashion. The fact that you are a new player, admitting you do not know the controls or mechanics, and yet you chose to join Security and use violence without any form of reasonable escalation shows that you only want to ruin the experiences of others. Even your username is a testament to just how little you actually care about your representation within the community.

I think you are a malicious player, a troll, and generally a disdainful person. I am glad that you were banned permanently. If you somehow managed to get a voucher from another server, I wouldn't peanut post on your appeal, but given what you have done here I really doubt that will ever happen. You made your bed, time to lie in it. So much for not caring about getting banned, eh analreaper420?

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  • Project Manager


We've gone over your appeal, and have come to a verdict, of which we will not be accepting this appeal at the time.

Due to significant reports and log diving, we've found the following:

  • Self Antag
    • Assaulting random players.
    • Invoking illicit responses from players in an attempt to provoke them.
    • Killing random players for no real purpose.
  • Griefing
    • Excessively disruptive behavior, damaging the quality of the round and experience of other players.
  • Inappropriate Behavior
    • Violation of our zero-tolerance rules, the no-ERP rule.
    • Inappropriate username.

You may appeal with a voucher in 6 months.

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