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SS14 account username: cliff
Ban reason: I killed chef and disconected due to my neighborhood's power turning off (the server has been full for a long time and I can't currently check it, this is an aproximation of what happened).
Date of ban:19/3/2022
Length of ban: permaban
Events leading to the ban: so I killed chef with a laser gun thinking that he was going to be fine but he ended up dying and ended up calling an admin. so wile I talked with an admin my power cutted off. 

Reason the ban should be removed: at the moment of my last appeal I had explained the situation poorly and I had only played goonstation (no TG) so I thaught it was ok to do it. I wish to get unbanned because I want to play wizard's den  again, if I get unbanned I will try my absolute best to not get banned again.

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  • Project Manager

Hi randomdude646,

We've went through your appeal and reviewed it, and have come to a verdict. Your ban will be lifted.

Please remember to read our rules and cooperate with other players within it, so we can always enjoy the silly game we know it as. Miscommunication happens, and we understand, thus clearing it up helps greatly.

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