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Ban appeal for wizards den


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SS14 account username: Yakub
Ban reason: "Used slur after previous warning, made a bunch of comments related to ERP, then remebered past life after taking pai."
Date of ban: 01/07/23
Length of ban: "Ban is appeal only"
Events leading to the ban: A mime was dying I save them taking a pai on accident finding one then losing it. the mime proceeds to start following me wanting something goes to sec they do nothing cmo locks me in a room cause of the mime. they then proceed to lock me up demote me not even help me learn md (like all the other roles) put a maid dress on with catears have 3 dumbasses hoard around me "can we kill him can we kill him" like tribal bitchs so then I go to the mime asking why would you get them on me no ooc response then kicks me from pai go back ask the same shit gone.
Reason the ban should be removed: Never got help with any roles (they wouldn't) When I had cat ears enjoying them got arrested as engineer for a misunderstanding the sec played it off probably the same person too cause they were simping for em. when I finally got out of perma cause they finally figured it out they kept denying it. I legit was trying to play the game but the mime had to cope over a pai getting the whole server to get on my ass.

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I don't see a single slur in there. The cmo locked me in a room to get me to give them 1 item for a mime People have said worse I was never warned about slurs. and the erp comments where just jokes you know most of the people that play this game are 16+ right? The ban should not be appeal only it should have been a few days As I see no slurs only derogatory terms. the pai shit I was going to go after I got a definitive answer but never got one you also forgot about the cmo's the secs and his followers and there was a passenger claiming to be scientist who got away with hitting me.

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