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soapy100/Game Ban appeal RE:


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Let's not make it harder than it already is, for:

1) It's a lot of hassle and work to submit these ban appeals.

2) Wizards Den is the only "English" server given the small size of the current game community, its virtually impossible for me to obtain a "voucher of good behavior".

Bring it to your notice further, yes this is my "main and only gaming account" and this was the account I was banned on.

I would suggest approaching this situation in a method which is friendly for both of us,


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  • Game Admin

You need a voucher due to ban evasion. You can get that from the other english servers on the launcher (Nyanotrasen, or hell, even Mining Station) or a SS13 server. We've also accepted them from Russian servers in the past for bilingual users.

There isn't a discussion here. You ban evaded, you need a voucher. That is our policy. How much hassle it is to obtain that voucher or submit an appeal is not our concern.

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