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admin username: idk - SS14 account: cheeseromancer


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SS14 account: cheeseromancer

Character name: I was a unnamed monkey
When was the ban: yesterday, around midnight i think? (i live in Europe)
Server you were playing on when banned: Server name. miros i think? ( i have a bad memory )
Your side of the story: i chose monkey ghost role. so  spawned as monkey and found a gun and picked it up (i think it was a drozd?) and my "creator" told me to kill people. and so i did. i think i killed three people then got banned. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: looking back, i still think it was kind of funny i wont lie, but i also know that i ruined other peoples fun and that is under the "dont be a asshole" category of the rules. in short, im not gonna do anything like that again. 
Anything else we should know: Im only banned for a week, but i really like this game and have nothing else to play, so i would like ban to be shortened. i understand if the answer is no, cause its only a temp ban.

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